• About Us

Beanstalk Loyalty
656 Michael Wylie Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217

Beanstalk Loyalty is a marketing automation platform that generates additional revenue for your brand by engaging loyal customers and influencing their behavior.

Our automated campaign engine leverages your Point of Sale transactional data to identify behavior and market to an individual. You can have a one to one conversation via e-mail, text messaging, social media such as Face Book or direct mail.

The Beanstalk Loyalty team has decades of experience building technology based solutions to drive revenue for our clients. Our passion for embracing originality has driven us to create a culture of never ending innovation. We realize yesterday's solutions may not be relevant and today's solutions are born with an expiration date. With that in mind we have built the Beanstalk Loyalty platform to be flexible and scalable enough to accommodate tomorrows' technology.

  • A loyalty solution that will enable a Point of Sale (POS) transaction to check someone into Facebook.
  • Traditional points and dynamic rewards based marketing.
  • Advanced behavioral campaigns.
  • Turnkey professional services to design, configure and execute complex campaigns.
  • The ability to have an intelligent conversation with your customer prior to a transaction.
  • True closed loop marketing for dynamic ROI.

Beanstalk Loyalty is a division of Beanstalk Data, a marketing automation company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.