One to One Marketing

Beanstalk Loyalty creates a cohesive experience to engage your consumer.

Our integration with your point of sale personalizes the consumer experience through all points of contact.

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A One to One Conversation

The Beanstalk Loyalty platform provides your brand these important touch points:

  • The consumers name is viewable on the point of sale for personal recognition by the attendant.
  • Real-time account information printed on their receipt.
  • The ability for the consumer to manage their account through an on-line portal.
  • Personalized offers distributed to the consumer through their chosen communication channel. Email, text, social media or even direct mail.
Every interaction is used to build a stronger profile of the individual consumer. Your offers are built with knowledge you learn at the point of sale along with questions asked during their initial enrollment through the customized web portal.

Each offer is designed to drive the behavior of the consumer with increased visits, larger average dollar amount of the transaction and a more overall personal experience. Personalizing the offer also guards against the consumer from adjusting pricing expectations. They receive offers to drive additional behavior not to reward them for consistent day-to-day behavior.